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Contact Liz to chat about how you might incorporate storytelling into your communications.

Content Strategy

Align your messaging with your mission

Liz will help define the voice of your communications and create strategies across multiple channels to reach your audience.

Storytelling & Editing

See your brand (and the world) from a new perspective

Liz will uncover your most compelling stories, by creating new content, or polishing existing copy with deft editing. These narratives will help supporters form a human connection to your mission and goals.

Brand Empowerment

Liz doesn’t just give you a fish. She’ll teach you to fish.

Now that you have a solid content strategy, and a few stories, you’ll learn how to keep it up. Liz will empower you to share compelling brand narratives.


Liz Shemaria

Liz Shemaria

With more than 12 years of experience as a writer and editor, my mission at Echopop is to craft powerful brand stories to spark action. I earned a master’s degree at the U.C., Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, have reported from Myanmar, Thailand, India, Indonesia, and Nepal, launched a local news site for AOL, and founded Echopop in 2014.

I have created and edited content for ViatorHuman Rights Watch, American Red Cross, Wells Fargo Bank, and numerous other large and small businesses and organizations. When not working with brands, I pursue my other passion as a travel writer.


Echopop is currently based is San Francisco, USA, and works with clients worldwide.

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